Unreal Layered Landscape Materials - UE4 Open World tutorials #5

This is part 5 of the tutorial series I am doing on how to create an open world game with unreal engine. 

In this episode, I'll explain how to create a layered material for unreal landscape painting. I'll use unreal landscape layer blending with material functions and parameters. 
In this example, I'll demonstrate how to create 3 material layers in landscape material with reusing a material function. So that the same function can be used to define multiple layers. The color of each layer can be changed via a material parameter which would be exposed in material instances. Each of these material layer will be blended with landscape layer blending method and you can select the layer you need and paint all over the landscape. 

In the next video. I'll show you how to create a function which automatically paint the landscape with material layers and on top of that how to manually paint any desired layer.

Following video explains the main process you have to follow and only the things which require additional explanations are explained in the article. 

Unreal Landscape material : Slope Based material layer blending

Unreal Landscape material : Slope Based material layer blending

Material Function : MF_Layer

Material Function

Material Instance 


Output is, we have a landscape material with 3 layers and we can paint any layer we want on the landscape. 

Those are the points i thought would require further explanations. 
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  1. Thank you for all your great tutorials on this website and on Youtube - I have watched a lot of them.


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