Unreal Open World Part 01 - Getting Started

This would be the first entry of the series I'm doing on "How to create and open world game with Unreal engine".
This is how it works. I'll show the process of implementing the game in a video for each part. In the blog post, i will write about stuff that require further clarification which is not possible to explain in the video.

In the first video, I'll create the basic main character and add a camera to look around.
Charcter model can be downloaded from : https://www.mixamo.com/

The process,

  1. Create a new project

Third person content pack : 
This ads the unreal default third person character into our project

Starter content :
This option ads some contents like few materials, textures and particles to begin work with unreal

2. Create Landscape

These grid-lines like artifacts appear because the lights in the scene are not build (a known bug/issue in unreal). Those artifacts appear in the edges of landscape components. We can get rid of those once the lighting is build. Or if we make all the lights in the scene movable(dynamic).

3. Yaw, Pitch, Roll

Above image depicts the 
Yaw - rotation around vertical/z axis
Pitch - rotation around right/y axis
Roll - rotation around forward/x axis

4. Mouse Input

These input axis settings are defined in project settings -> input section. Also you can see/change input settings in DefaultInput.ini located in ProjectFolder/Config

Those are the points i thought would require further explanations. 
Thank you for reading the article, If you have further questions, feel free to ask. 

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