Unreal Third Person Shooter Series #23 - Dynamic Crosshair Spread

-- In the 23rd episode of my unreal engine 4 Third Person Shooter tutorial series, I am going to create a dynamic crosshair spread mechanism. Before shooting starts, the crosshair will be more prominent and will show a more accurate depiction of player targets accuracy as in the first crosshair in the thumbnail image. When the shooting starts, the lines which compose the crosshair will be contracted to depict that the accuracy is reduced due to the recoil effect of the gun. you can access the full tutorial series here in my patreon page : Full Third person shooter series : https://ift.tt/2p2Utis Source code access : https://ift.tt/2J9R2gV #ue4 #TPS #thirdpersonshooter #unrealengine -- #CodeLikeMe