Unreal Bullet Impacts & Surface Types - UE4 TPS #29 Preview

-- Download Project : https://ift.tt/359vY2K Here is the preview of Episode 29 of Unreal Engine Third Person Shooter, How to spawn different particle effects and sounds based on the type of the surface the bullets hit. In this episode, I am going to define few surface types such as wood, metal, rock, concrete and using physical materials, I am going to assign those surface types to the objects in the game level. So, based on the type of the surface, when the player shoot on different types of surfaces, the sound and the particle effects will be spawned based on the type of surface the bullet hits. you can access the full tutorial series here in my patreon page : Full Third person shooter series : https://ift.tt/2p2Utis #ue4 #TPS #thirdpersonshooter #unrealengine -- #CodeLikeMe