Unreal Footstep Sounds on different physical materials - UE4 TPS #30 Intro

-- Download Project : https://ift.tt/359vY2K Here is the preview Episode 30 of Unreal Engine Third Person Shooter, How to implement footstep sounds of third person shooter character. Here, I am going to create a function inside the character blueprint to play footstep sounds. This function will be invoked through an interface from character animation blueprint. Character animation blueprint will know when to invoke that particular function using an AnimNotifier added to the animations of character movement. After implementing this part, I will demonstrate, how to play a different footstep sound based on the type of surface the character is stepping on. For example, if the character steps on a wooden surface, there will be a wooden thud, if step on a metal surface, there will be a different footstep sound suitable for metal surface. This will be implemented with the help of physical materials and surface types in unreal engine 4. You can access the full tutorial series here in my patreon page : Full Third person shooter series : https://ift.tt/2p2Utis #ue4 #TPS #thirdpersonshooter #unrealengine -- #CodeLikeMe