Unreal Third person Shooter - Physics Assets/ Ragdoll Setup

-- Here is the preview of the episode 35, 36& 37. In these episodes, I have covered how to setup physics asset or the ragdoll of the soldier character we have been using for the third person shooter game in unreal engine 4. When the character is dead, we enable the ragdoll for that character so it would simulate a death body. In the episode 35, I am going to setup physics bodies to match with each part of the body. Episode 36 - Adding constraints for the hand. the degree of freedom in each joint of the hands will be setup according to a real human hand. Episode 37 - Adding constraints to rest of the body joints. Legs, spine and head Download Project : https://ift.tt/359vY2K Full Third person shooter series : https://ift.tt/2p2Utis -- #CodeLikeMe