Unreal Climbing - Climb Up Ledge - UE4 Tutorial #389

-- Project Files : https://ift.tt/2Lx0aN3 In this episode of unreal engine open world series, I am going to implement climb up on the ledge after he hang on the ledge. In last episode, we implemented a way to detect a ledge and hang on that ledge. Now, usina an animation with root motion, we are going to make the character climb up on that ledge. support my work : https://ift.tt/2ZGVYUh Like my facebook page for more content : https://ift.tt/36rrt52 Follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/CodeLikeMe2 Follow me on reddit : https://ift.tt/2Tb5SYT #CodeLikeMe #unrealengine #ue4 #indiegamedev -- #CodeLikeMe