Unreal Survival #4 - Thirst/Hydration Level

-- In this episode of unreal engine survival series, I am going to setup hydration bar. In the beginning of the game, the character will wake up on the shore fully dehydrated and then as the first objective, has to find water. So, here I am going to setup a way to update the hydration bar in the HUD. When the hydration bar is fully depleted, the water bubble which represent the hydration will start blinking to get the attention of the player to hydration level. . Also, as the character is injured, the movement animations should be in an injured state. I am going to implement the injured movement blendspace too. Download modified animations and mannequin : https://ift.tt/3aZKBIm Support my work : https://ift.tt/33QsFgu Like my facebook page for more content : https://ift.tt/36rrt52 Follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/CodeLikeMe2 Follow me on reddit : https://ift.tt/2Tb5SYT #CodeLikeMe #unrealengine #ue4 #indiegamedev -- #CodeLikeMe