Dragon riding in unrealengine

-- Here is a demo of the dragon riding system I am working on for the open world project. Just like we ride horses, now we can hop on a dragon and fly around the world too. :-) The system will be similar to horse and other animal riding systems we worked on previously. Please note that I will not be sharing the dragon model with the project files as I don't own that asset. you have to get it from marketplace and copy into DesertDragon folder before opening the project. Here is the marketplace asset link : https://ift.tt/3gbHHU8 Project Files : https://ift.tt/3gbHMao Support my work : https://ift.tt/33QsFgu Like my facebook page for more content : https://ift.tt/36rrt52 Follow me on twitter : https://twitter.com/CodeLikeMe2 Follow me on reddit : https://ift.tt/2Tb5SYT #CodeLikeMe #unrealengine #ue4 #indiegamedev -- #CodeLikeMe